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Siembra Metl Mezcal Joven Don Mateo Cenizo 750ml
Sku: 2006963
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Country: Mexico
Reg. $91.89
On Sale $60.99
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Siembra means “harvest,” Metl is Nahuatl for Agave referring to the succulent family of plants that has been central to Mesoamerican cultures, religious ceremonies and agricultural practices for centuries. This mix of Spanish and Nahuatl, illustrates the complex identity of the spirits distilled from Agave and the people who produce them throughout Mexico’s indigenous communities. The complex history of Mexico from the conquistadores, colonization, and modern globalization has left a deep cultural division between remote indigenous communities and the mainstream. For generations, the agave spirits of Mexico have been under-valued and even shunned by the majority of Mexican people. The mission of Siembra Metl is to highlight the diversity of methods, elevate the maestros who make them, and share the diverse aromas and flavors of agave distillates. Siembra Metl is a reconciliation and a recognition. Selecting producers for Siembra Metl’s portfolio is a delicate and thoughtful process. The Siembra Spirits team takes a community-focused approach when partnering with producers. This is because in the world of artisanal agave distilled spirits, the families involved are threads in an ancestral fabric of traditions and production methods. The producers we partner with represent a wealth of knowledge rooted in the beginnings of human settlements in the region. Our goal is to help preserve their practices, communities and spirits. Our ultimate goal is to be the bridge between these extraordinary masters and the agave enthusiasts who will honor and celebrate their craft. An important part of our partnership with these communities is sustainability and preservation. Siembra Spirits seeks producers who have a great product but who also understand the new challenges of bringing this product to the growing and demanding global market. This is based on selecting forward-thinking producers with a deep cultural wealth of knowledge. We must never force supply to meet demand. To be sustainable we cannot push producers to make more product than their land and their families can create. We partner with producers who represent their history and terroirs while ensuring that their land, plants, and family will be healthy for generations. These expressions are an effort to truly validate the work of generations of Mexicans, their wisdom, and the art that comes out of the still. This is not marketing, this is the real spirit: science, art and tradition combined. We want to celebrate these families of chemists, botanists, artists, and above all champions of true Mexican culture. Join us as we explore the terroirs of Mexico by creating Siembra Spirits. Our first Siembra Metl expression is a Mezcal from Michoacan, Don Mateo de la Sierra. Coming soon is a complex spirit from Jalisco called Tuxca and a Raicilla from western Jalisco. We are proud to bring you these unique agave distillates, released under the name Siembra Metl. The creation of Siembra Spirits is an invitation to celebrate responsible producers who honor the history, the land, and the people of Mexico

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