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Wicked Tango Whiskey 87 50ml
Sku: 2045753
We couldn’t be more proud of our Wicked 87’s rich, clean and wickedly smooth high-proofed nature. Our small batch whiskey is distilled in the heart of Kansas from the highest q ...more
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Country: United States
Region: Kansas
Type: Straight Whiskey
Reg. $14.69
On Sale $9.79
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We couldn’t be more proud of our Wicked 87’s rich, clean and wickedly smooth high-proofed nature. Our small batch whiskey is distilled in the heart of Kansas from the highest quality, locally grown corn, and then aged to perfection in toasted oak barrels from Missouri. Our whiskey is called American light whiskey because it is distilled from corn at 180 proof which differs from the common bourbon whiskey which is distilled at 160. Straight from the still our Wicked 87 is placed into Missouri oak barrels. The whiskey will then be cut with distilled water down to our very smooth signature 87 proof. Perfect to enjoy on the rocks, with a splash of cola or to make the best Irish coffee you have ever tasted! This rowdy American Whiskey conjures up light notes of oak, butterscotch and hints of smoky vanilla. Don’t forget our Wicked 87 Go Box which can go anywhere glass can’t, including the beach, racetrack, and concerts!
Larry Bross and Jim White founded Wicked Tango LLC by living their motto, “work hard and play harder.” Their belief in the American dream helped them to create a company founded on those principles. No matter who you are, there’s nothing like a little wicked fun after working long hours to provide for yourself and your loved ones. It all started when both men took their families for a wild ski week vacation in Steamboat, Colorado. On a gondola lift to the top, these two men were bonding through laughter and whiskey, making fun of their duct taped gloves and clothing while on the slopes. Looking grungy and getting rowdy in a gondola a few beverages deep, the guys conjured up the idea of selling their brand of fun to others. It wasn’t about the way they looked, but instead the way they felt while playing hard. They saw it in their families as well, making the most of every opportunity to let loose and enjoy life. The term Wicked Tango was born as Jim said “Dude, you’re simply tilted and over the top.” Larry’s reply, “Vacation baby, and wicked it will be.” Wicked Tango LLC was born with their desire to create a company that not only offered the feelings they had, but that could also sell the “play harder” aspect of the American dream to all those who are deserving. Their apparel, spirits and other wicked goods do simply that…..allow the average worker to dream and the dream to be a reality! As the guys say, “If we can work hard, enjoy the ride and allow all those hard working folks around us to do the same, then our company will be a success. Wicked, rowdy, fun and supportive of the American dream…we’ll drink to that!” Cheers, Jim and Larry

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